ScopeControl® advantages

The ScopeControl® improves all aspects of endoscope use

Hospitals are increasingly becoming concerned about endoscope quality control and costs. Due to ever increasing demands for instrument availability and current workflow practices, many endoscope defects are simply not detected until they reach the operating room.

Undetected defects have serious consequences, including delays in operating room as instruments are replaced, frustration for the surgeons and operating room staff and of course patient risk as a result of extended anaesthesia. In addition there are increased repairs costs if defects are left undetected.

In cooperation with specialists and researchers at leading academic hospitals, there is now a solution.

The ScopeControl® is used in the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) of a hospital, after washing and before the sterilization process. Endoscopes are extensively and accurately tested for the 6 key causes of defects. These are then returned to the supplier for repair, ensuring that poor or defective endoscopes are removed before they reach the operating theatre.

By analyzing and comparing endoscopes, defect patterns are easily identified.


Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduced patient risk
  • Improved endoscope quality in theatre
  • Reduction in costs
  • Improved efficiency and work flow
  • Reduction in delays




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