Guide Control


GuideControl is an intelligent light guide cable tester, specifically designed for the Central Sterilization Department. Existing testers need multiple connectors for the different brands and the test result requires certain interpretation from the user in order to determine whether the light guide cable is allowed for use in the OR or not. The design of the GuideControl creates an unambiguous use, since we have just one connector for all different brands and suppliers of light guide cables. The unique LED interface will let the user directly know, whether the light guide cable is approved (green) or failed (red).

Besides the unambiguous use, this light guide cable tester provides the ability to store the measured values. By using datamatrix codes or RFID tags, light guide cables can be recognized, so the measured values and snap-shots, are stored in the cloud. Where existing testers will only measure the light transmission, we also measure the fiber density and the color correctness.

The manager of the department can check the status and quality of all light guide cables that are in use within the hospital, through the hospitals own cloud. Besides the possibility to adjust the threshold value, the cloud allows for the unique opportunity to analyse trends, such as degradation or the lifespan of light guide cables, and care-free replacement of faulty light guide cables.

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